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The story behind the name...


Bridewell Palace

St Bride's Well


Clifden's Bridewell is over 200 years old and was named after the first such Bridewell in London

First Bridewell in London.PNG

London's Bridewell was originally a prison for "punishing disorderly and loose women and petty offenders"

St Brides Palace.PNG

It became the model of a combined prison, hospital and workrooms that led to many others being opened, all called Bridewells

Bridewell London 1808 Pass Room.PNG

The first Bridewell was on the site of Bridewell Palace, built for Henry VIII

in 1520

St Brides Palace2.PNG

A royal palace where the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was lavishly entertained

Charles V.PNG

Bridewell Palace was named after the nearby holy well of St Bride

St Bride's Well.PNG

And St Bride was of course Ireland's St Brigid...

St Brigid St Bride.PNG

Traditionally known as the Patron Saint of Brewing

Medieval brewing.PNG
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