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Brewed in the shadow of Clifden's Bridewell or Old Gaol

Clifden's Old Gaol the Bridewell

The Bridewell was built over two hundred years ago as part of an effort by the British Government to tame the area rife with smuggling and illegal alcohol production

Bridewell Clifden
Gaol window

Bridewell Brewery draws on the rich, sometimes harsh history and the continuous foreign influences associated with this beautiful part of the world

Sky Road Clifden
Connemara Rocks
Bridewell Brewery malted barley.png

Bridewell Blond is brewed, fermented and matured underground in small vessels made from stainless steel, copper, brass and wood

Bridewell Brewery kegs.JPG
Bridewell Brewery
Bridewell Brewery mash tun
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