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Bridewell Brewery Clifden Galway

brewed in

Artisan beer on tap in local bars across Connemara.  Ask for Bridewell.

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Tel: +353 87 127 9346


As members of the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland, please see our joint policy on the responsible consumption of beer

Bridewell Blond original draught beer

Bold and Refreshing


Original draught beers brewed in Clifden the capital of Connemara in County Galway


On tap in local bars, hotels and restaurants


Ask for Bridewell

Bridewell Blond


Brewed in Clifden with the pure soft water that the Atlantic weather brings to the Connemara hills, Bridewell Blond is a blond ale with a distinctive all-malt flavour from Pilsner and wheat malts and a balanced noble hop character, a beer influenced by Belgian blond ales
Drier and with less alcohol than its Belgian cousins
Pairs well with seafood and quite happy to be enjoyed on its own

Bridewell Blond Clifden Connemara Galway
Bridewell Red draught beer Clifden Connemara Galway

Bridewell Red


A dry, light-bodied Irish Red Ale with roasted barley character and a twist of Belgian Dubbel malted barley

Pairs well with roasted meat dishes

Bridewell Pilsner


A crisp and refreshing, cold-fermented Pilsner style lager

Associated with local stories in selected Clifden pubs

Bridewell Brewery Pilsner draught beer Clifden Connemara Galway
Light Keeper Bridewell Pilsner draught beer Clifden Connemara Galway

Light Keeper


Here is the local story behind the Light Keeper Bridewell Pilsner name


Back in the day when Guys was a grocers and general store, Guys supplied the provisions to the Lighthouse Keepers on Slyne Head. And the current proprietor's late father was a Lighthouse Keeper on Clare Island



Generator is named after Clifden's hydroelectric station that brought electricity to Clifden in 1925


The station was built by Clifden entrepreneur EJ King assisted by engineers from the Marconi station 


The hydroelectric plant brought lighting to the town until the 1950's

Did you know that Clifden had electricity before Galway did?

Bridewell Brewery is located overlooking the remains of the hydroelectric station on the Owenglen river

Generator Bridewell Brewery Pilsner draught beer Clifden Connamara Galway
Mullarkey's Pilsner Bridewell Brewery Clifden Connemara Galway



Another local story...


You'll find Bridewell Pilsner on tap in Mullarkey's Bar at Foyle's Hotel in Clifden

Mullarkey's is named after a previous name of the Hotel

Pilot Transatlantic Gold Bridewell Brewery bottled beer

Bottled Beers

Limited Editions

Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the First Non-Stop Transatlantic Flight by Alcock and Brown from St John's, Newfoundland that landed near Clifden, Co. Galway in 1919, we brewed two limited edition beers: Pilot and Navigator

Pilot Transatlantic Gold is a Golden Ale and Navigator Transatlantic Brown is a Brown Ale


Currently out of stock

Navigator Transatlantic Brown Bridewell Brewery bottled beer

Bridewell Kölsch-style


Brewed from Connemara water, extra pale Pilsner malt and Tettnang hops

Beer brewed in the Kölsch style, it is a study in subtle flavours.  Light-bodied, dry and balanced with subdued malt and pared-back hop aroma

The agreeable nature of Kölsch means that it will get along well with many foods.  A summer beer

Currently out of stock

Bridewell Brewery Kolsch style draught beer
Festus Bridewell Brewery bottled beer



Ale inspired by Dark Lager

Dark chocolate, coffee flavours, light body, citrus and currant hops

Limited edition first brewed in 2018
Currently out of stock


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