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Bridewell Blond

Brewed in Clifden with the pure soft water that the Atlantic weather brings to the Connemara hills, Bridewell Blond is a blond ale with a distinctive all-malt flavour from Pilsner and wheat malts and a balanced noble hop character, a beer influenced by Belgian blond ales. 


Drier and with less alcohol than its Belgian cousins. 


Pairs well with seafood and quite happy to be enjoyed on its own.

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Bridewell Red

A dry, light-bodied Irish Red Ale with roasted barley character and a twist of Belgian Dubbel.

Pairs well with roasted meat dishes.

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Bridewell Kölsch-style

Brewed from Connemara water, extra pale Pilsner malt and Tettnang hops.


Beer brewed in the Kölsch style, it is a study in subtle flavours.  Light-bodied, dry and balanced with subdued malt and pared-back hop aroma. 


The agreeable nature of Kölsch means that it will get along well with many foods.


Brewed and bottled in Clifden

Ale inspired by Dark Lager

Dark chocolate, coffee flavours, light body, citrus and currant hops

Limited edition first brewed in 2018


Currently out of stock

Festus by Bridewell Brewery
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